Jim Paterson

Jim Paterson

Composer and Arranger

Jim Paterson is a Composer and Arranger based in South Queensferry, Scotland. Although he has composed music for a few years including Games and Production Music, this website is to promote music tracks now released for streaming and download. Jim's other activity is hill climbing, as you can probably guess from the image.

Jim Paterson on Social Media:

Piano + Friends

Released 10th Feb 2021

Piano + Friends on Spotify

Piano + Friends on Apple Music


Piano + Friends on other Platforms


Minimal Moods

Released 10th July 2020

Minimal Moods on Spotify

Minimal Moods on Apple Music


Minimal Moods on other Platforms



Selected music videos on Youtube

Minimal Mood 06: Hopeful


Minimal Mood 05: Worried


Minimal Mood 02: Time Passing


Close Down


Romantic Piano


Sadness in the Rain